How to Respond to the Top 10 HR Requests in Times of Corona

While some European countries are considering how to open up from the Corona lockdown, many employees will continue working from home if they are able to. COVID-19 continues to have a massive impact on how we work and organize our lives.

While the pandemic is ongoing, supervisors and team managers should be aware of the developments and changes of COVID-19, the impact of the current situation for their employees, and what resources they may need to support their teams. Times like these show us how important communication and flexibility are. Using smart solutions and the right tools, your organization will be set up to quickly and efficiently deal with any HR related requests that come from your workforce. Each organization will have a different top 10 of HR Requests, but regardless of what your top 10 looks like, there are tools out there to support them!

Organizing the main Requests

The main concern that many employees face is how to organize their work while working from home. While many countries in Europe are slowly moving out of a total lockdown, people are still being asked to work from home if possible. It is going to require flexibility from both your employees as well as your managers. Do you have plans in place to accommodate such flexibility?

Other common requests that your HR department is likely to receive, may concern benefits and compensation, skills training, whether or not travel is possible, and if employees are allowed to come to the office or not. These requests can easily be tracked and organized with the right tools.

It is important to keep checking in with your employees. Track the requests for time off, or a lack thereof. Contact the employees accordingly and discuss their needs with them. Track time registration and watch out for employees who are logging too many hours a week. Using smart solutions, HR can easily create reports for this on a regular basis. Helping you stay on top of the health of your employees and act fast if you notice something amiss.

What happens when your organization grows and you have to hire a new person right away? How do you hire new people? How can HR ensure that these new hires are correctly added to your HR systems? It helps to have a set policy in place for remote hiring and onboarding. This relieves your HR team, and gives your new talent a positive impression of your organization, regardless of Corona virus restrictions.

The same is true for a potential offboarding process.

What can you do to support your Employees?

First and foremost, communicate! Are you keeping your employees updated? Regular updates are essential to keeping your team informed about your policies during the Corona crisis and certainly also afterwards. Make sure that your company policies are up to date and adjusted to include your organization’s expectations. This will inform your employees of what it is they are expected to do.

As aforementioned, tracking your employees’ requests for time off, sickness registration, and the succinct lack of either can be a warning sign. Make sure to gain insights into your team and discuss their situations with them.

Organizing HR Requests

Relieving your HR department of having to answer the same questions numerous times will help them a lot. Regardless of what your top 10 HR requests are, by organizing and setting up instant replies based on established company policies your team will be able to focus on their other tasks.

The smart solutions and tools; HR Request, will collect the top HR requests among your workforce in one centrally organized place through the Shared Service Center (SSC). Any request is routed through automated workflows which will be sent out to the right people for further action. Employee and organizational data will be linked through the secure Dynamics 365 Platform.

To summarize, HR Request gives your organization a single entry point for all HR related requests. It is user-friendly and quick, relieving your HR team of an overload of requests coming in through various means of communication. Request forms can easily be set up with automatically filled out fields. Notifications will alert the correct people to undertake action, or receive status updates. The Web App is accessible through desktop or mobile devices and fully, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and GDPR compliant.

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