How to Onboard New Employees (Remotely)

As we have discussed in other articles, the situation with the Corona virus is limiting our movement and in some cases, our business opportunities. Well-structured workforce planning is key to organizing your workforce and making the most of your talent and opportunities to keep your organization strong.

Some may have to Offboard employees. Depending on where this employee is in the hierarchy, you have to determine who can follow in their footsteps to take over. Others may have less work in certain areas, while the work in other areas of the organization need more people. In that case, who has the talent to be able to Cross-board into the new position at your organization?

There is a third option possible; namely, your changed workload has increased and you find yourself short-staffed. You have looked for new talent, and found the right fit! How do you set up an onboarding process remotely?

Offer Accepted

After the Offer, your new talent has to get to know your organization, the team they will be working in, and know how to execute their tasks well. At the moment, this is more difficult due to working remotely. Throughout your onboarding process, you have to balance and streamline various employees, schedules and other constantly changing elements, all while making “the whole thing feel effortless and seamless for new hires.”

However, regardless of where you are and how many different elements and people you have to organize, with the right tools, you can successfully onboard your new talent and give them a positive and well-structured introduction into your organization.

Onboard Process

What does your organization’s Onboarding process look like? A great way to find out what works and what needs improvement is to ask current employees how they look back on their onboarding process. What worked well? Were they missing out on anything? Etc.

Once you have determined your course of action and identified the employees who will be involved in the onboarding of the new hire, you can start piecing together your process. Keep checking in with the new employee throughout the process to check if they are in need of additional support.

While a personal welcome at the office is not possible, you can easily use online video conference options to get introductions underway. However, the meetings should be focused on making the employee feel included and getting a taste of the company culture. In addition, make sure they are productive and engaging.

Besides introducing the new employee to numerous team members and scheduling video chats for it, what kind of equipment will they need? And, more importantly, how do you make sure they receive it? If your new employee needs a company laptop and phone, then ship this to them in time. It is better to have them arrive before the employee starts, rather than after because that will slow the process down.

Any online access registrations, or inclusion in social networks or internal communication channels should be set up on the phone and laptop before the new employee receives them. This way, they can simply power up the devices and start their work for your organization.

Tools to Help

Our Boarding Web App supports a fully structured and perfectly streamlined process to set your new hire up for long-term commitments and success at your organization. Regardless of the situation as it is at the moment, remote onboarding is not uncommon. The better you structure the process, the more the new employee will feel included and accepted. Onboarding remotely helps “laying a foundation for engagement and trust [and sets] the stage for a career’s worth of productivity and achievement.

Our Boarding Web App allows you to create Welcome Guides that you can assign to the new employee as well as any other employee involved in the process. Add scheduled meetings for the new employee to video chat with team members. Include checklists that can easily be ticked off whenever the employee completes a task. This helps your HR team stay on top of the progress the new hire is making and update the list if necessary. Are you curious to read more about how the Boarding Web App will support your organization? Read more here!

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