How to Keep your Team Safe and Motivated

Keeping your team safe and motivated is one of the most important things to always keep in the back of your mind. Positive employees will be more motivated to do their work better, work faster and show more initiative. Your employees are your biggest and most valuable assets. You need them to keep your company successful.

Dealing with a crisis as we are at the moment, brings a lot of fear with it. So what can you, as an organization, do to keep your team safe and well? And, what tools can you use to ensure this safety in the workplace?

Show Flexibility

Flexibility comes in many different forms. Some people, especially those used to working from home, are likely to continue business as usual regardless of the COVID-19 regulations in place. For those not used to working from home, or being fed up with it after so long, they will benefit from a more flexible approach. Taking frequent breaks and find a mode that works for them is important. Talk to your team members and find out what they need and how you can support them throughout the work week. This will help everyone finish their tasks with greater focus and motivation.

Plan and prioritize the workload. What tasks have to be finished first? Which customers need extra support and who is going to do it? All of these questions need an answer which can cause stress and anxiety. In addition, some team members may have personal concerns about going back to the office because they are worried about Corona. These feelings have direct impact on employee motivation and can lead to reduced productivity.

Support Health and Safety

Seeing as in many (especially European) countries, society is slowly opening back up and reducing the restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus, you might be considering opening up your offices and bringing the team back together. However, just because society is opening up, does not mean that COVID-19 is gone just yet so we do need to maintain the 1.5m distance and invest in disinfectant sprays and wipes to minimize the risk of spreading.

The Health & Safety Web App helps your organization helps you streamline the processes required to maintain the health and safety of your entire workforce.

Extended functionality

Our Health & Safety Web App was created for easy and quick registration of incidents and accidents that can happen within the workplace and reduce the administrative burden that put onto the HR department, security or safety manager and the employee(s) involved.

We have now extended it so that employees can easily register any unsafe (or non-Corona compliant) situations they come across in the office itself or any other workplace.

Employee dashboard

Each employee will have a personal dashboard from which workflows can easily be configured to register any safety issues that are submitted. Not only will this help you comply with GDPR regulations, it also reduced the need for cumbersome administrative processes. The registered incident, or unsafe situation is taken from submission directly through to the person responsible for fixing the situation. In terms of COVID-19 regulations, this includes anything from running low on disinfectant spray, to not having proper walk ways wide enough to pass each other at 1.5m distance.

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