Top 5 recruitment skills for 2022

The great resignation, hybrid workplaces, and the ongoing tech scene expansion will define recruitment in 2022. Are you ready? Here are the top 5 recruitment skills for 2022 to help you attract and retain the best talent this year.

1. Data Literacy

Data enables us to make more meaningful decisions. The ability to interpret data and use it with your stakeholders in recruitment is crucial to the long-term success of your business in 2022.

Data-driven behavior helps retain valuable employees, strengthen your employer brand and provide evidence-based feedback to candidates, referrers, hiring managers, and executives.

You can start improving your data literacy today by looking into the information available to you on recruitment platforms (for example, job reach vs application rate) and implementing surveys to shape an objective picture of candidate experience over time.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, also known as Emotional Intellect or Emotional Quotient (EQ), is the key competence for recruiters in 2022.

Acknowledging and adequately reacting to the emotional feedback of candidates helps you build trust, anticipate disconnects, and ensure a positive candidate experience to safeguard your Employer Brand. Even when it means saying no to a very qualified candidate.

If you feel that your emotional intelligence needs a boost, sign up for an EQ training or start with the Wall Street Journal bestseller — “Emotional Intelligence, 2.0.”

3. Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design is a mindset and a tool that creates a positive, long-term impact for the users of a product or service.

Commonly associated with Design Thinking, User-Centered Design is an approach to the development of an existing process that serves customer needs. It focuses on iterations rather than on final results, using feedback as fuel for constant improvement.

In recruitment, your company is your customer, and so are your candidates. Asking for feedback, analyzing it, applying it, and iterating it to improve your recruitment process becomes essential in 2022.

4. Risk Management

The old-school approach, hiring people X from companies Y with Z years of experience, prevents failure. It does not ensure success, especially in the constantly involving modern world.

Innovative ideas stem from the diversity of backgrounds and skills. And it is your job to spot talent and convince hiring managers to take risks with you.

However, as a recruiter you also need to mitigate potential risks, particularly to your company’s employer brand. And in 2022, candidate feedback can be a deal-breaker for your reputation.

Tracking candidate experience and managing negative feedback can significantly reduce reputational risks, thereby saving costs for your organization.

5. Continuous Learning

Recruitment in 2022 is more than just hiring. It involves Employer Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Affairs, and more. To remain competitive in the constantly changing landscape, you need to acquire new skills, apply creativity and modify your recruitment strategies to the market.

Learning starts with the growth mindset, or simply, the constant drive for improvement. You can incorporate continuous learning by collaborating closely with other departments (for example, Marketing, when it comes to Employer Branding), experimenting with different recruitment channels and technologies, and reading relevant content on recruitment.

Recruitment solutions by FourVision

This top 5 recruitment skills for 2022 are not the end of it. At FourVision, we implement solutions for every recruitment stage, from employer branding to onboarding. Our long-term partners include Dynamics ATS, Phenom, ICIMS. Besides, we offer our FourVision Boarding App that can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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5 recruitment skills for 2022

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