Tech layoffs: your recruitment opportunity

Who hasn’t seen a LinkedIn post in their feed saying that a person was laid off by one of the major tech players? Getir, Carvana, Klarna, Bitpanda, the list goes on. And just when we thought it’s over, Twitter announced they are letting 30% of its recruiters go. We’ll not speculate on the reasons why it happened, but let’s admit tech layoffs can be a recruitment unique opportunity for growing businesses to attract amazing talent. Here, right now.

How to do this right?

Fix your career site

Let’s start with the basics.

Check if your career site is designed to attract the right talent to your company. Your content should highlight what the company does and why, what people work for it, and why your candidates should choose it among many others.

With our partner solution, Phenom TXM, you can design career sites optimized for conversion and backed up with a CRM and talent analytics. Learn more how we can help you with that!

Get to the source publishes layoff stats as well as lists of employees affected by them! What a useful resource, literally under your fingertips. In addition, many lists are circulating on LinkedIn.

To find them, search for posts with keywords of company names with major layoffs and you’ll come across something valuable.

Evaluate your ATS

If an official ATS application is part of your recruitment, make sure you got the best ATS solution.

As all HR technologies, ATS’s evolve over time. Your current ATS might not keep up with the latest tech developments, so we recommend to re-access it every year and make a shift to another provider, if necessary.

As a partner of iCIMS (#1 ATS in market share), we can help you build modern candidate journeys that engage with applicants every step of the way. So you can attract and keep the best. Besides, we can integrate iCIMS with Dynamics 365 HR using our HR request Web App.

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Get in touch

If you see a message from a person who has just been laid off, don’t hesitate to contact them asap. Especially, if they have the skills you’re looking for. You might need an official approval to create a new role within your team, but an intro call is a great way to create a bond and build on it later.

Proactively share your jobs

Let people know you are hiring. Use LinkedIn and other (local) professional networks to share your hot vacancies. Make sure they are posted both via your company account and by your hiring managers. People who see such posts in their feed can tag their connections, and it can go viral!


FourVision supports global business with scalable HR solutions. We offer a wide range of technologies for effective recruitment. We’ll take care of all tech hustles, while you can focus on what matter the most – your employees and candidates.

Recruitment - Tech layoffs as an opportunity

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