Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR to F&O merge: business impact

Microsoft announced its merge of the HR module into Dynamics 365 F&O. This means that Dynamics 365 HR ends as a standalone SaaS application and all the functionalities within the former HR platform move into the bigger environment of Finance & Operations.

Why is Microsoft bringing HR into F&O?

This merge signifies HR coming closer to business operations and the impact of people data on the overall organizational performance. As FourVision D365 Consultant Daniel Reader put it: “HR will need to play with the wider business more, and the wider business will need to play with HR more”. Historically perceived as a backoffice function, HR is now becoming more business-centric and earning its seat at the table.

Are there any changes in HR functionalities?

No, HR functionalities stay the same, they just go into a different ERP environment.

What if I want to use other functionalities within Dynamics F&O?

This will require data integrations between different units to ensure data values and cost center alignments, etc.

Do HR employees need extra training on Dynamics 365 F&O?

Your HR admin might need some training (such as reference guides about what changed and why). All key changes are done on the back-end, so the interface of the HR module within Dynamics 365 F&O looks very similar.

I’m using Dynamics 365 HR. What will happen to it?

If you’re using Dynamics 365 HR, be aware that there will be no new updates in this system. If you want to make sure your core HR and all integrations with third-party solutions (your ATS, for example) continue to run smoothly, we strongly recommend you migrate your HR into Dynamics 365 F&O.

When do I need to migrate HR into Dynamics 365 F&O?
As a Microsoft customer, you can make your decision of shifting to the new solution before December 2023.

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FourVision – your partner in Dynamics 365 HR to F&O merge

FourVision implements HR applications within Dynamics 365 and extends them with native FourVision Web Apps for various HR processes: from onboarding to payroll. We can support you on this merge journey by helping you migrate and streamline your integrations with Dynamics 365 F&O and insure data consolidation. If you have any questions about going about this merge, contact our experts. We are active in EMEA, North America & APAC with many successful cases of implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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