Let’s talk about Workforce Planning

There are a lot of challenges in Human Resources processes. We all know it, and that is the magic behind our business. We are fortunate to live in a digital era where we can work less and do more with the smart usage of technology. Selecting the right solutions for our daily processes will help us to achieve the right objectives. In this case, we will talk about a major challenge easy to solve with the correct solution: Workforce Planning.

What is Workforce Management?

But first, lets go back to the basics. Workforce Management is definitely one of HR’s core processes. It will help understand and predict the needs related to employees by analyzing the current situation within the organization. While implementing a workforce planning approach you will save yourself – and your organization time in the future. And one quick tip, always base your Workforce Management on evidence. 

Some high-level goals of this activity are:

  • Keep companies running successfully;
  • Hire the right talent in the needed moment;
  • Generate more engagement with employees;
  • Improve resource allocation.

Quick exercise: are you aware of your upcoming needs related with employees? How are you budgeting this pipeline?

So, what is Workforce Planning?

Workforce Planning is part of Workforce Management. With Workforce Planning, you can anticipate on tomorrow’s recruitment demands. Organizations in a growing market need to plan ahead to grow and innovate. If the size of your organization doubles in the next five year, you’re going to need a lot of new employees. A good Workforce Planning prepares you for growth in the upcoming years. In addition to this, Workforce Planning together with Succession Planning helps your organization to identify future leaders. Who will be next in line when the IT Manager leaves? Who will replace the Senior Consultant when she retires in three years? Our solution helps you to plan for the future.

We have good news

FourVision created a great solution capable of solving this challenge successfully. Our Workforce Planning Web App will provide you the space you need to support workforce management and employee development. How it worksCollecting your information from your current HR system and using this as a base for calculating the state you are today and what you will need tomorrow. The solution will provide you not only a resource plan and estimation, but also a budgeting forecast. Isn’t this great?

While seeking for this kind of solutions, the key is to find a partner capable to articulate the knowledge of the greatest solutions and the experience in the HR business. Let’s book a demo!


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