Workforce Planning

Workforce Management Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR | FourVisionYou can now anticipate tomorrow’s recruitment demands based on your organization’s future growth forecasts. Our Workforce Planning Web App supports your company’s needs perfectly by helping you plan and organize your workforce using current and predicted job positions. This will help you grow and prepare for the future without any surprises.

The Web App extracts current job positions from your HR systems and uses these as the starting point to calculate what you have, what you will need, and the future cost involved. You will have in-depth insight into your current workforce and future needs coupled with a holistic overview of the impact this has on your budget.

Employee Lifecycle Support
  • Employee management
  • Workforce management
  • Employee development
Key Features
  • Forecast future position openings
  • Optimize assets and personnel
  • Enable flexible workforce planning
  • Desktop and mobile device access
  • Connected to Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service)
  • GDPR compliant
Workforce Planning Web App Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Position Hierarchy FourVision

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