How to Safely Return to the Office after COVID-19

Now that we are returning to the offices around the world, we want to make sure that we do so it safely. Even though vaccinations offer us a solid protection, it won’t be a guarantee to completely prevent the spread of the virus. With some small adjustments, you can make the workplace a lot safer for you and your colleagues! In this article, we give you a list of measurements that you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the office. Our suggestions are based on recent CDC guidelines and we do not offer medical advice. When in doubt, always contact your doctor. Now let’s get into the article.

Safely Return to the Office: Social distancing

The single most important measurement in preventing the spread of a virus. Always keep distance between you and others. The length of the distance differs from country to country. Some countries use 4 feet (122 cm), others use 7 feet (213 cm). Check the website of your local health authority to ensure that you use the right distancing measurements. When you are not able to keep distance, for instance in a narrow hallway, ensure you keep contact at a minimum. If you are for instance a store clerk or a front desk employee, you might want to consider buying a plastic screen. This screen blocks the aerosol particles.

Limit the amount of employees per room

Not every room is capable of holding 10 employees with 6 feet (183 cm)of distance between them. You can set up a system where employees can book specific rooms, so you can prevent people from gathering at the same place.

Safely Return to the Office: Disinfection

A virus can stick to your hands after you cough or touch your nose or mouth. When you touch an object, later, another person can get infected by touching that object too. Always make sure to wash your hands, especially when you sneezed or went to the bathroom. Employers can buy hand disinfection liquid so employees can wash their hands when they enter the building. In addition to this, you can also clean the office with disinfection liquid throughout the day. Think about door handles, coffee machines, and desks.

Safely Return to the Office: Testing

Self tests are now available for a few dollars or euros in the United States and Europe. Even though these tests are not 100% accurate in detecting COVID-19, they can still help with stopping the spread of the virus. Employers can offer them for free to motivate their employees to take a test every now and then. This way, you might be able to detect the virus so you can stop a potential spreading at the office. Don’t make use of these tests when experiencing health issues related to COVID-19. In this case, make an appointment with your government agency for a more accurate PCR test.

Make use of tech solutions

Technology can be very useful to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Governments across the globe make use of special applications for smart phones to stop the spread. As an organization, you can also do your fair share. FourVision’s Health & Safety Web App for Dynamics 365 HR allows you to create a safer workplace. You can report and track dangerous workplace incidents, injuries and sickness. Moreover, you can use the solution on any device. Did a cough screen broke down? Is there no more disinfection liquid available? Report it on the Health & Safety Web App so the right person gets notified to take action!

We hope that you can safely return to your office with these tips.

How to safely return to the office after COVID-19 Health and Safety

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