How to integrate Nmbrs and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance

Managing payroll can be a real challenge as your organization grows, especially when dealing with diverse national tax laws, employment regulations, HR records, and internal systems.

That’s where cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM (formerly F&O) and Nmbrs Pay come in handy. It streamlines Dutch payroll processes, but also international payroll; making it simpler for organizations to handle.

Hence why we built the integration for Nmbrs with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This article will show you how it works.

How to integrate Nmbrs & Dynamics 365?

Integrating Nmbrs Payroll with Dynamics 365  is a simple process with the Payroll Interface app that we provide. The process goes as follows:

  1. Set up an environment where FourVision Payroll Interface is deployed
  2. Via the payroll app, connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, HR, and/or Supply Chain Management
  3. Maintain your human resources records in Dynamics 365’s HRIS as usual.
  4. Set up and process payroll runs in Payroll Interface.
  5. Transfer this data to Nmbrs via the payroll interface. The integration does the heavy lifting!
  6. Calculate salary, pay employees, and create a general ledger journal using Nmbrs, as you usually do.

Payroll connection between Dynamics 365 F&O HR and Nmbrs

Our integration covers most of the integration out-of-the-box, but adapting to your D365 HR/F&O and Payroll systems’ specifics might require customization. Our team is happy to help with this.

After completing these steps, you are able to use the data in your system for reporting purposes.

Which Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps can integrate with Nmbrs?

Nmbrs salary system can be connected to the following Dynamics 365 apps with Payroll Interface:

  • Nmbrs and Dynamics 365 for Finance
  • Nmbrs and Dynamics 365 for Human Resources (HR)
  • Nmbrs and Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Nmbrs and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (now F&SCM)
  • Extended integrations with Microsoft Dataverse and Power Apps for all of the above.

Interested? Learn more about payroll interface or contact us to get started!

Integrate Payroll with Dynamics 365 HR and Nmbrs

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