How (not) to lose talent during your recruitment process

Recruitment processes become lengthier and more complex every year: multiple interviewers, test assignments, psychological screenings, trial days… As a result, many talented candidates drop out along the way. Maybe it’s time to reassess and optimize your hiring for success?

Here’s how.

Be transparent

In your vacancies, on your career page – be transparent. Provide clear, concise and sufficient information for your candidates.

Test assignments are part of the process? Job has a temporary character? The process includes three interviews? Then, include all essential details, together with the salary range.

Got an unclear job description that raises too many questions and concerns? You might lose them!

Keep them updated

Streamline your candidate communications and make sure everyone gets a timely update on their application.

Candidate ghosting can significantly impact your employer brand (think Glassdoor, LinkedIn and WOM). So, if your top candidate doesn’t hear anything from you just because you haven’t received feedback from the hiring manager, they might go for another job offer. You might lose them!

Reduce time-to-decision

According to the research of Robert Half Talent Solutions, 62% of people lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back from the employer within two weeks after the initial interview. This means that these first two weeks are crucial for recruiting talent.

Stretching your hiring process for weeks with no updates? You might lose them!

Streamline offer process

Streamline and automate your offer procedures.

Get your budget clarified, identify key stakeholders in advance (those who need to interview, sign off on the new hire and prepare their offer) and have all HR forms ready for your successful candidate.

Wasting time on this final step? You might lose them!

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How not to lose talent in your recruitment process

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