Applicant Experience: how to win talent

Applicant Experience is the crucial component of Candidate Experience and Employee Experience. The way you treat your potential employees determines how they perceive your business, if they decide to join it, how they perform and advocate for your brand.

Build Awareness

What was your first encounter with the company you work for? Were you a customer, or a friend of someone who works there? Maybe you first heard about it on social media? Or did it all start with that job description?

Every single communication encounter presents a possibility to raise awareness about your employer brand and trigger the application process.

How do you want to appear in the world? Make sure your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is transparent, authentic and specific.


  • Transparency – be completely clear about your business, job responsibilities, and benefits. Don’t overpromise.
  • Authenticity – show your culture. What makes you stand out from your competitors and other businesses in the industry?
  • Specificity – avoid generalizations and fluffy statements. Be concise and specific in every sentence, so you leave no room for loose interpretation.

A career website is a great opportunity to showcase your EVP and support it with evidence (employee testimonials, videos, and more). FourVision implements Phenom TXM – the platform to create career sites powered by smart CRM and talent analytics.

Facilitate a smooth applicant experience

Make sure your application process is actually applicant friendly. Easier said than done. With the abundance of ATSs and candidate CRMs, it’s difficult to make the choice that serves you better.

Here’s the checklist to evaluate your application process:


  • The job description contains all key information and motivates to start the application process. Think of it as a sales pitch. You have only one chance to make the 1st impression. Make it exciting for your applicant to give it a try!
  • The process is intuitive and takes little effort from applicants. They don’t need to fill in every single work experience manually. Every field is crystal clear. It’s easy to attach documents in formats that are convenient for applicants.
  • The process triggers timely and sufficient communication. When an application is submitted, an applicant receives an email that greets them, thanks them for their application, and gives concreate information on what to expect from the next steps in their application process (when they get an update, whom to contact for questions, etc.). When an applicant is rejected, they get a message thanking them for applying and (optionally) giving recommendations on further applications. When an applicant is selected for further steps, they get a message congratulating them and informing about an upcoming interview/test/etc.
  • The process is tested for technical problems. All fields and CTA’s work without problems. An application can be successfully submitted and sent to recruiters.
  • The process is integrated with your offer and onboarding processes. Smooth coordination of different processes within your HRM system is key to the great Candidate Experience. Avoid losing data and people in this delicate transition. Use software applications that can be integrated with each other and your core HRM.

To facilitate a smooth application, FourVision implements first-class ATSs for Dynamics 365 such as iCIMS Talent Cloud and Dynamics ATS that can be connected to your core HRM system. We can also compliment your recruitment process with HR request Web App. Learn more about it here!


Are you interested in custom-made solutions to boost your Applicant Experience? Contact our team and we’ll get back to you shortly!

How to win talent by improving Applicant Experience

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