How to save time in the HR department with Document Management

Centralize, Compliance, Create standard documents, Control and contain costs

The human resources department is the one area of every business that always has a mountain of paperwork with which to contend. However, if every single one of those slips of paper is not properly filed and tracked, it can lead to serious problems for the organization as a whole. Document management is such a vital process. When this process is streamlined, HR departments can cut costs, reduce time waste and lead to a smoother running business.


To manage your HR documents effectively, first you must collect them in an easy-to-access format. This may mean bringing them together from several different existing systems.

You may need to scan paper documents, import emails and download from old software systems, import the existing data. The key is to eliminate clutter and waste.


There are more rules and regulations in place today in regards to paperwork and privacy than ever before, according to the GDPR regulations.

Luckily, with FourVision Web App document management, complying with those regulations is not that complicated. You will be able to track exactly what takes place with your documents when it is stored within a cloud-based software system. You can protect the most sensitive documents in a secured cloud based solution. This is something that keeps you in compliance with security regulations and is simply is not possible when you are working with actual paper in a cardboard boxes. Compliance is critical and it becomes one of the most important subjects within the HR department.

Create ‘standard’ documents via templates

Every HR document is different and will be used in a different kind of situation, but every document contains the same standard information. An HR department has a standard template for every document which they created when it became a ‘new’ document in the organization. But what if a system makes it possible to create these documents with drag and drop functionality? You can create ‘standard’ documents within a matter of time via standard templates.


A vital benefit of Document Management is controlling access. This does not necessarily mean just password protecting the file and keeping people from being able to view them. With the Web App HR Document Management it is possible to give people access depending on there roll in the system. You can set different levels of protection, so that you could allow access but restrict functions such as sharing or editing. In fact, it is even possible to allow access to a section of documents for a project.

Contain Costs

It may seem like an electronic or cloud-based document management system would be an expense for your business. In actuality, it is usually a great way for a company to save money.

It saves you time—time that you can spend on other, more important, tasks. In the HR department, your most valuable resource is you.

Document Management Key takeaways

- Central location for your HR documents

- Finally an easy way to create documents within Microsoft Dynamics 365

- Create Documents with existing data via drag and drop

- Different templates in various languages

- GDPR compliant: protect the most sensitive documents within your organization

- Determine per document, per category the retention period which may differ per document

- Determine who is able to access, share and make changes to documents depending on your roll

- Every employee, manager or department can manage the access to their documents (for your eyes only)

- Documents can be set per category (contracts, identifications)

- The Web App for Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

- A true integration with the latest HR solution from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 for Talent

- Direct connection with the Common Data Service