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mateco has gone live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources application. With FourVision as their implementation partner, the first wave has been completed successfully in two countries. Preparations for wave 2 is in progress which means 6 other countries will follow with the roll out in the future. The functional scope of the HR processes will expand as part of the future scope. 

mateco moved from a disparate country-based solution with siloed information into globally aligned solutions and HR processes. Information came from all local HR teams in Europe to ensure each would be involved in the solution design. In a second phase, the deployment of the solution will be done worldwide.

The new system supports the HR teams and facilitates their day-to-day work by using only one system for all HR data and to work towards data-driven decision making. In that way, the management teams will also be able to get a global view of data. It is focused on improving the data quality in a secure way and employee engagement with a modernized HR system.

The vision of the Global HR Director to have a seamless alignment from all the HR teams across globe, meant that everyone was involved in the solution process. This involvement and global connection helped the project in defining a one single source of truth-based design utilizing the standard capabilities of the product to the maximum extent.

We are happy to look back on a fruitful collaboration and successful completion of the first wave! We are looking forward to the continuation in future waves.

About mateco

mateco is the leading provider of aerial working platforms and forklifts for the rental market, active in 16 countries with 160 locations across Europe, Panama & Chile. The fleet consists of more than 40.000 machines.

Safety is highly valued at mateco. They offer the latest technology, fully certified and qualified staff and special safety training for operators of the machines whom, annually, help more than 10.000 customers.  Find out more about mateco:

About us

FourVision is Microsoft’s global leading Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation partner. We have successfully implemented HR platforms in a variety of industries across multiple Microsoft environments for over a decade. FourVision also delivers an impressive suite of Web Apps that extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Our Web Apps will help your organization prepare for the future. See more about our solutions here!

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