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Kersia has gone live with the Dynamics 365 Human Resources application, the most modern Human Resource platform from Microsoft. With FourVision’s guidance, Kersia was able to proceed with confidence. This has led to a successful first phase, the setting up of the HR foundation data.

With a rich history, Kersia combines the strengths of several international players – Hypred, Antigerm, Medentech, LCB, G3, Kilco, Choisy, Holchem & Sopura – that have over several decades developed thousands of products and solutions for biosecurity in farming and food processing. Their mission? To ensure food safety across the entire food chain from Farm to Fork by improving the performance of farms and providing value-added solutions dedicated to the food industry.

Internally, Kersia employs around 2000 people and has a commercial presence in more than 120 countries. The company has 40 legal entities around the world and it is growing at a fast pace.

The Challenge

After several acquisitions and the ongoing growth spurt of the company, Kersia wanted to consolidate and centralize the organization’s information and their IT systems. In the case of HR, the systems were different all over the world and the information disconnected, allowing for data gaps and less efficiency. The business goal was set.

With 40 legal entities around the globe, this was going to be an exciting challenge we were about to embark on.

FourVision’s role

Kersia was already a Microsoft client, so it made sense to look for an HR system that could integrate well. After contacting Microsoft France, FourVision was referred as an implementation partner of Dynamics 365 HR.

After the usual RFP processes involving other suppliers, Kersia chose Fourvision to help implement their global HR system.

In the first phase of the project, the idea was to start with the HR foundation data in the system. That included the HRM system admin, the organization management, personnel management and compensation.

And so we did.

Working together

FourVision and Kersia started working together in November, 2020. To succeed in this implementation, we went through workshop sessions with Kersia. In addition to this, we helped configure and set up the system and train the users. All very well planned and structured, given the complexity of the project.

After careful testing from both sides, the system went live back in May, 2021.

Nevertheless, the work is not finished. With so many different legal entities, each one with its complexities, Kersia and Fourvision are still working together to make sure the data backbone is correctly integrated in the system. It takes time, but it’s the only way to make sure there’s no loss of information and the users can get the most out of the system.

After the go-live of the first phase, both Kersia and FourVision are very happy with the achievements so far.

“I did a lot of implementations in my career, and this one was very well organized. Right now we are nearly 2000 employees, but we have the ambition to double our size in the next few years. That’s why we want to have a solid and sustainable HR system and we know that with FourVision we’re good to go.”, said David Montplaisir, International IT Development Manager & Canadian IT Director at Kersia.

“It was challenging to run workshops during the lockdown, I must say. I need to give credit to our consultants for being able to get their personalities across, being engaging and enthusiastic during these difficult times. And credit to the Kersia team for replicating that effort and not rushing into things. All of these factors contributed to a successful first phase.”, said Kate Bush, Project Manager at FourVision.


As mentioned above, the work is not over. Our focus now is on supporting Kersia integrating correctly the remaining data into the system. Then, we’ll plan and move on to the next phase, which includes the integration of the payroll providers. But more on that later.

The journey to improve the lives of recruiters, HR & IT professionals starts with us.


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