Do It Yourself implementation of Dynamics 365 Human Resources

In May 2020, I got introduced to DWE ICT. They are a Dutch ICT company active in many different industries, such as logistics, hospitality, education and SME’s. DWE ICT advices, creates and supports organizations in finding the best fitting ICT solution for their specific situations.

As part of their Human Resources strategy, DWE ICT wanted to implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Because DWE ICT is a Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise within the company, they decided they wanted to do the implementation themselves. All they would need is some guidance. A true DIY implementation!

FourVision’s role

FourVision, the 2019 Global Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Human Resources, completed implementations in a variety of sectors worldwide. To assist DWE ICT with the implementation, we planned some workshops to explain the theory of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. We did so, based on the modules they wanted to implement. In addition to this, we showed the best practice processes for the different business processes. These processes are proven to be successful for other organizations. After the workshops, I gave them the tools and information to do the setup and migration work themselves. DWE ICT went to work and we stayed on the background for questions.

During this implementation, DWE ICT needed structure on executing the implementation. They choose for FourVision because of their knowledge and experience with Human Resource implementations. FourVision was given a shadow role. This helped DWE ICT to get answers on questions or when they were in doubt during the setup.

My own role in the implementation

In the beginning, my part in this implementation was to do a lot of explaining next to giving structure. Later on in the project, my role focused to advising. I did so by listening and giving examples of pro’s and con’s of certain decisions. This allowed the company to make conscious decisions during the implementation.

DIY implementations are definitely not fit for every client. But if your employees have the knowledge, experience and time and if they are willing to learn about Dynamics 365 HR, self implementing can be great choice!


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