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Organize Business Processes

While Microsoft SharePoint is a good starting point for storing documents, it is not organized enough for employee records. Having one central location for all employee data increases efficiency and ensures GDPR compliance. With employee self-service, individual employees can easily update their files in personal dashboards and relieve HR of the burden of maintaining all employee records.

By assigning categories to document templates, employees with permissions can easily find and access the required documentation to encourage standardization and organize business processes.

Customer challenges

Organizing disjointed document storage

Our client helps organizations design and implement their digital workspaces to increase efficiency and flexible working solutions.

The challenge consisted of finding a single, interconnected storage space for saving their employee records to build and track complete employee files. In addition, they needed security on a granular level that allows for categorization and accessibility based on job hierarchy.

Partner Solution

GDPR Compliance and document organization

The Document Management Web App stores employee data in a secure and structured manner within the Dynamics 365 platform. This allows for structured and organized storing of employee records and helps our client comply with regulations thanks to expiry notifications. In addition, the client reduces the cost and time spent on building a document by storing and categorizing templates for easy access.

Customer Benefits

Employee self-service and user-friendliness

Depending on access granted based on the job position, each employee has a personal dashboard within the Document Management Web App. A step-by-step process guides employees through the dashboard so that they can easily change or update their own records.

Authorization based access means that admins can see more detailed information about employees. This improves the organizational documentation as the HR department can see into the HR documents of individual employees and use that to make contracts and salary letters directly in the Web App itself.

Due to seamless integration employee roles and manager data is pulled from Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and into the Document Management Web App and vice versa. Ensuring complete and correct employee records. Any document can be stored for a specified amount of time. Should the employee leave the organization, the documents can easily be deleted.

FourVision’s Document Management Web App is an essential functionality to add to Dynamics 365 Human Resources as it is currently not possible to make a document in the system itself.

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Reduce time spent on manually updating individual employee files with user-friendly employee self-service. Keep track of employee documentation, make document templates, assign categories, and set alerts to streamline document storage. Reduce cost and time spent on manually entering employee data with seamless integration with Dynamics 365.

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