Streamline and Automate Performance Development Tracking

From static to interactive. The police force was working with a static, disparate system that differed per job type and did not interact. This meant the performance process was cumbersome, slow, and involved a lot of paperwork and manual checking as there are many complex job behaviors that depend on the type of job the individual has with the force.

With the FourVision Performance Management Web App, the police now moved to a single system that supports continuous reviews to track performance. A flexible tool that is easily adjusted to suit the needs of the police perfectly. The automated proves relieves the administrative burden as it is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

FourVision Performance Management & Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Customer challenges

Efficient Performance Reviews

The main challenge posed to varied staff in the policing industry is that not everyone’s performance can be measured in the same way.

The police need a system that supports continuous reviews to track performance and are easily configurable per job type within the police force.

The solution needs to allow any employee to log real situations directly to showcase individual functioning and growth within their role.

Partner Solution

Streamlining Performance Cycles

The Performance Management Web App gives the police a flexible tool that is configurable to meet the exact needs of the entire force.

It is an automated solution that reduces any administrative burden associated with performance tracking due to seamless integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

The App is an integral part of the performance management cycle. Organizing disparate systems into one with configured review cycles specified per job type.

Customer Benefits

Real-time Performance Insight

Managers now have real-time insights into their teams’ performance cycles. By adding workflows that support the entire performance cycle, the police now have flexible review templates and forms tailored to the specific positions within the force. Personal performance dashboards give individual employees direct access to their current and historic reviews with in-App or email notification options to trigger actions.

Performance Management can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams, giving your organization the option to track performance at the touch of a button. Employees will be able to see their reviews and keep updating new skills as they acquire them.

1-Reduce-Time 2-Mobile-Use 3-Relieve-Burden-Paperwork
Reducing time spent on manually configuring and tracking performance helps easily track individual employee performance and offer tailor-made training where required. The Web App supports the mass creation of personal development plans with automated, configurable workflows that are easy to track by sending notifications. Automated workflows reduce costs by configuring roles adjusted to different job positions. Saving everyone time on paperwork.

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