Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Web Apps

With FourVision Web Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365, FourVision is introducing a modular approach to Human resources. Following Microsoft’s approach with the Web Apps.

Our  Web Apps are fully integrated with Azure and ready for the future. They can support companies with their HR process. The Web Apps are easy to implement, designed to let business users transform a single process. Building from there, process by process and take fully advantage of the integration between our apps and the rest of the Dynamics 365 platform.

Our apps offer:

  • Extra HR functionality,
  • Country specific HR functionality
  • Branch specific HR functionality

FourVision Web Apps extend the current HR solution for specific needs.

We offer functionality which is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent as well as the rest of the Dynamics 365 platform. The following Web Apps are part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent:

FourVision's Web App Timesheet

Efficient and hassle-free time registration so your business runs like clockwork….

Productivity is key and time is precious. Maximize efficiency of your employees and simplify time registration with Timesheet Plus. Employees want to spend as less time as possible fiddling with accurate time registration or keeping a precise record of billable hours. This web-based application provides the ability for your personnel to register time based on projects and activities. Upon time registration the timesheet can be submitted for approval via built-in configurable workflows. With full integration to our Leave and Absence web app, timesheets will be automatically populated with absences.

Whether you are an existing Dynamics 365 user or a professional service organization, the Timesheet Plus will make your life easier. Staying on top of your workforce no longer has to be daunting.

FourVision Leave and absence

Our leave and absence web based application makes registering and monitoring leave/vacation days easy. Leave-Absence-App-Dynamics-HRM Employees can request leave via a mobile phone and it automatically transfers to the right person for approval. An extra advantage, the leave app integrates with time registration where registered leave will also appear in the timesheet. And because the app uses your HR data it will regulate the leave accrual automatically if a contract change is made in the Talent core app.

FourVision Employee self service

Often the way an employee experiences the support of your HR department through an employee self-service site is insufficient. We have developed a rich experience for employees through self-service. Of course, this app is based on the Common data service and uses your HR data creating a hub to all connected apps.

FourVision's Web App Expenses

Speedy and simple reimbursements Company expenses are frequent occurrences within a business but requesting reimbursement can easily turn into a tedious task for employees and in some cases a lengthy one. But it does not have to be. Get rid of dreary paperwork and digitalize the process. With the Expenses App, employees can digitally submit expense requests with attachments and have it routed directly to the allocated manager for reviewal and approval/rejection. Within a matter of minutes, employees are well on their way for reimbursement.

FourVision Sickness

Sickness registration is more complex in some countries than in others. For the more complex sickness registration and management situations, we deliver a sickness application with the ability to register and manage sickness processes. This app also integrates with the time registration app where sickness days will appear in the timesheet as prefilled lines. Checklist can be launched, certificates can be uploaded, sickness notification can be per half a day.

FourVision HR document management

There are many processes within a HR department where documents are involved. Therefore we developed a HR document management system to cope with secure storage of documents and taking care of expiry dates regarding privacy regulations. Further, we have made it possible to create documents using template based on your HR data. Documents can be flexible assigned to different categories (like employment, pension, insurances, recruitment) in the way you can control access to documents per group of employees within your organization

FourVision Occupational Health and Safety

If an injury, illness or dangerous incident has occurred in your workplace you may be legally required to notify this to third party (government) organizations.

The FourVision Health and safety app for incident registration enables you to register and keep track of such. This is the first app in a series of apps for Occupational health and safety (OHS) soon offered by FourVision.

FourVision HR Request

Take the top 15 requests in your organisation. These can be supported by the Web App HR Request. Employees, managers and any other employee can initiate a HR Request which can be routed via workflows to the appropriate assignees for review and approval. All employee and organizational data from Microsoft  Dynamics 365 can be used in the HR request application. A typical requests like Maternity leave, can hold information or update the family leave record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. On the back of this update, it also can trigger a checklist for additional actions to be performed by different departments. The HR Request Web App can support all of these actions in an automated flow.


As part of the implementation process we can help you to implement the FourVision Web Apps. We show you how to setup the apps and how to use them company wide. We can train the end users or train-the-trainer in setup and use of the different the apps.

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