Now Available! Performance Management in Teams

We understand that performance management is an integral part of Human Resources management to track your employees’ development. Performance reviews lead to new objectives and goal setting. Employees will be able to see their reviews and keep updating new skills as they acquire them. With 360 degree feedback, managers can set up assessment meetings and assign them to the correct employee to receive direct reports and insights regarding their development.

Track all of your employees’ progress at the touch of button. We have made it even easier to keep track of your employee development by integrating our Web App into Microsoft Teams.

How does it Integrate?

You can now set up a Team for Performance Management and bring the Web App into one of the tabs in the top. The Web App is based in your Azure account, so you will not struggle logging in (single sign in applies). You can freely browse through the App in the Teams tab and easily perform all your tasks as a manager or employee respectively, based on pre-configured roles and security policies within the App.

All of this helps you take care of your performance management tasks straight from your collaborative workspace within Microsoft Teams.

About our Specialist

Peter is one of the owners of FourVision with a passion for bringing technology and businesses together. It comes as no surprise that Peter is very involved in the product development of our Web Apps.

About us

FourVision is Microsoft’s global leading Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation partner. We have successfully implemented HR platforms in a variety of industries across multiple Microsoft environments for over a decade. FourVision also delivers an impressive suite of Web Apps that extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Our Web Apps will help your organization prepare for the future. See more about our solutions here!

Teams performance integration

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