New in Dynamics 365 HR: Leave & Absence Functionality

Microsoft is continuously releasing new features to enhance and improve on the functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Back in October, Microsoft acquired the licensing rights to FourVision’s strategic solutions covering leave and absence, sickness management and timesheets. These solutions have since been incorporated in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

More updates and releases have followed since then. They will continue to in the foreseeable future as Microsoft keeps updating and enhancing the system to ensure the needs of HR teams all around the world are met.

General availability features (production environments)

Leave and Absence accrual suspension

Leave accruals can be manually suspended for a certain duration, or automatically suspended when a leave request is submitted by an employee. This minimizes manual workarounds in cases where an employee’s leave accruals should be suspended because they are out on long-term absences. The feature has the potential to eliminate manual work.

Leave carry forward rules

Carry-forward balances can be transferred to a different leave type for better tracking. It is possible to configure expiry dates set to be triggered when, or if, carry-forward balances should expire. Expiry regulations are mandatory in many Western-European countries.

Balance adjustment reason code and comment

It is now possible to include a reason-code with any balance adjustments made to an employee’s leave balances. Comments can also be added. This gives the HR department better insight into the reasons of absences as the comments provide additional information and reasoning.

Public preview features (sandbox environments)

Buy and sell leave

This specific feature will allow for configurable buy leave policies for employees to be able to submit a buy request. Whenever an employee submits a buy request, their balances are automatically updated to reflect the impact of the request on their leave balances.

Leave accrual for one organization or plan

The leave and absence regulations likely differ for all organizations depending on the country they are in. This feature will allow for the accrual process to be run for all organizations or for a single one. It will even be possible to run the accrual process for a certain specific leave and absence plan for an individual organization.

Add attachments to update leave requests

Employees will be able to add attachments to leave requests, even if those have already been approved of. This allows for more insights into the requests and any updates that are made to it.

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