How to Manage your Workforce Successfully

What do you do when you have to let go of staff? And, how do you determine who to let go of? What if you notice that an employee is in the wrong position with their skills set? Perhaps you have noticed that you have too much work for your team and are looking to hire a new person? But then, how do you determine what position these new people will take up?

All of these questions have, or will, at some point cross your mind as your organization moves into the future. Whether it is growth you are after, or if you have to reduce your workforce in hard times, we know how hard it is do make decisions about the people in your organization.

Letting Go of Employees

A harsh reality that many organizations have to deal with at the moment is that they will have to lay off employees because there is not enough work to do. This is never a nice decision to make. But, how do you decide which employees to lay off? You want to make sure to keep your talent if you can.

First of all, your offboarding process should be well thought-out. The better your process, the more employees will leave with a positive feeling toward your organization. This increases your chances of them recommending your organization or, perhaps, wanting to return once the economic impact of corona stabilizes. Read more about how to set up your Offboarding process here.

Map your Necessary Skills

A combination of succession planning and skills mapping will help you make a decision about whom of your employees are vital for the prosperity of your organization. Determine what skills you need for your organization and then find out which employees within your workforce have those skills. Once you have mapped the skills and ensure that your employees can keep their own map updates, you can easily forecast who shows the most potential and growth. Read more about tracking performance here.

Forecast Potential Succession

Once you have decided which employees have the right skills, or the potential to obtain them in a short period of time, you can forecast in what position they would thrive. This process, known as succession planning, provides you with the insight to plan your workforce accordingly. Read more about Succession planning here.

Transferring Jobs

Say your skills mapping and succession forecast point you to an employee who could take over on a different position within your organization after you have to lay off the person who is currently in it. In this case, you do not have to onboard your employee to learn all about your company, but they will need training. This is where Cross-boarding comes into play. The employee may come from a different department and will have to know who their new team members are. Who is they manager? How does this job differ from their previous one? The employee should receive a training that is focused on the new elements of their job.

Do you want to know more about Cross-boarding? Read all about it here!

Hiring to Fill the Gap

It is possible that once you map your skills, and forecast succession options that you are missing a match. In that case you can hire a new employee. This is not hard to do remotely. However, setting up a strong onboarding path is key for the success of your new employee. Not only will it help them find their way around in your company, the onboarding process helps them connect to their team and learn about your company culture much faster.

Discover your Needs

Regardless of which process you need to set your organization up for success, using the right tools will help you speed up the process. So, determine the pain points within your organization, map the skills of your employees, forecast potential succession, or hire new staff and prepare your organization for the future!

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