How to Introduce a New Colleague with Onboarding Software

You have found the right candidate for your new vacancy. Great! Now, if you thought the recruitment and interview process were long, well, you are in for a surprise. How can you set up your newly found talent efficiently so that they may wish to stay with your company for a very long time? You do not want to put them off by forgetting to support them in their first few months.

Effective use of Onboarding Software

Effective Onboarding software helps you actively engage with your newly found talent so as to ensure they stick around for the long term. Onboarding means ensuring the new employee’s access to resources, collecting the necessary paperwork to successfully enter the candidate into the system as a new employee. The last thing the new employee needs is to feel as if they are a chore.

Most importantly, make the new employee feel welcome and wanted. You can do this by personalizing your onboarding process or give them a guide to direct them through the process so that they know what to hand in and where. It helps If the new employee has immediate access to any cloud environments you work with.

Make sure they know what you expect of them, know what they expect of you and give them access to learning environments to help set them up for success. It would be nice if you could appoint a colleague to be their host for the day to show them around the office, the online environment, and how to log in everywhere. The colleague will be able to introduce them to what they do on a daily basis and take the new hire on a tour to show them where to go for what, including coffee!

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Of course, the onboarding process can take up a lot of time. Especially if you do not have a digitized, integrated system that tells your HR department exactly what they still need to complete the registration of the new hire to change their status into an employee. Having a digital tool that speeds up the onboarding process for the new employees will certainly make them feel more welcome.

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