e-office is live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

FourVision, the leading global specialist with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR solutions, announced today that e-office has gone live with the Dynamics 365 for Talent application, the most modern Human Resource platform from Microsoft.

Headquartered in Houten, The Netherlands, e-office specializes in helping companies increase flexibility and streamline operational processes by using digital workspaces, consultancies, and training. In the digital workspace, intranet and personal workspaces are combined in a digital and mobile environment that supports knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout an organization. e-office always finds just the right balance between people, organization and technology. The company prides itself on its proven track record in the Dutch market and has gained a reputation as a Microsoft Gold partner for over 20 years.

e-office has fully adopted the Onboard and Attract App into their HR processes

The rapid growth of e-office has created a vital need for a modern HR platform. As such e-office welcomed the opportunity to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. The company has consistently been an early adopter of the latest technology and embraces the concept of digital transformation. The implementation took a mere six weeks, going live on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent in record time.

The Attract app of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent automates and helps companies manage many administrative recruitment activities for candidates. They can match candidates to the jobs that optimize their interests and talents by defining and mapping skills, competencies, education, and development. The Onboard app makes it possible to set your employees up for success. New hires or existing employees starting a new role, will be prepared via personalized guides designed to keep them engaged, informed, and ready to be productive.

“It was a pleasure to see the high-level of collaboration between the e-office and FourVision teams throughout the project. The implementation took only 6 weeks from planning to go-live! A true flagship implementation!”, said Bert Stegeman, CEO of FourVision.

With FourVision’s guidance e-office was able to proceed with confidence that has led to a successful first phase, and is ready for phase 2: the implementation of Core HR.

Together we achieve more

“Microsoft is pleased that e-office is a full-fledged user of Dynamics 365 Talent and prepared to share its knowledge and experience with our customers and potential customers. Microsoft is a strong advocate of collaboration between partners, whereby adoption and usage of the solution by the customer always serves as a starting point. We as Microsoft try to support our customers as much as possible, helped by our business partners. Together we achieve more”, says Jan Brouwer, Microsoft Dynamics business group lead.

Strategic alliances between an implementation and solution adoption partner

It is no coincidence that the solution adoption partner, e-office, and the HR implementation partner, FourVision, found each other. FourVision is specialized in optimizing HR processes and implementing one of the most innovative HR solutions at the moment, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. And e-office is the support partner in adoption and change management and ongoing improvements to the solution and process. e-office and FourVision have ambitious plans, first in the Netherlands and the next internationally.

According to Jasper Snijder, CEO of e-office: “Digital transformation is all about organizational change. Change is all about a different behavior of employees and teams. We are proud to be the Adoption and Change Management Partner for FourVision to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent in the most successful way. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent helps organizations to steer the most important part of the Digital Transformation: a modern behavior of employees and Teams. #HUMANFIRST.”

About FourVision

FourVision is Microsoft’s leading HR and Talent implementation partner worldwide.

FourVision has successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics HR platforms in a variety of industries and across multiple Microsoft environments for over a decade. We currently support clients on Microsoft including Dynamics 365 and the most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. FourVision also delivers an extensive suite of Web Apps that enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.

FourVision extends the platform in areas such as Succession Planning, Performance management, Payroll, Leave, HR Document Management, Health & Safety, and many more. For more information, please visit our website.

About E-Office

e-office helps organizations to be smarter, more effective and more flexible. With technology, consultancy, and training. e-office builds digital work environments based on Microsoft and / or IBM technology.

For more information: https://www.e-office.com/

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