Meet the Specialist: Tamara Liscaljet

Job Title: Technical Consultant

Personal Background

Born and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Tamara studied IT in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In her spare time, most of all she loves spending time with her boyfriend and daughter and furthermore enjoys a great variety of things! Among her favorites are spending time with friends, mountain biking, relaxing in her garden with a good book, playing a game on the PlayStation and exhausting herself during a CrossFit lesson!

When on holiday, she likes going to different countries and seeing and trying new things. So far, Tamara has not been skydiving or mountain climbing. Who knows, perhaps something for the next holiday?

Professional Background

Before starting at FourVision, Tamara had various jobs and functions. One of them was working for Netlog B.V. This is how she came to learn about FourVision. One of her old colleagues had started working there and called her to ask if she may be interested in joining them at FourVision. The idea of working with a former co-worker sounded appealing, so Tamara did not hesitate to accept.

Her position as a Technical consultant is something she greatly enjoys because every day is different. There is always something new to do and learn from. It is never boring or repetitive.

Tamara’s job includes first contact with clients for any questions or issues regarding our specialist software or services. Using her knowledge to decide if a ticket is a request for a change, or a bug that needs fixing. In addition, she tests the software to confirm that it meets the high standards that FourVision has.

One of Tamara’s strong suits is that she can act as the bridge between the end-user and developer. She thrives under a heavy workload because she does not like to sit still and have nothing to do. In fact, having a lot on her plate, helps her focus and prioritize what is important.

Final Remarks

“I am stoked to be back and hope I can be a valuable asset to the FourVision family”!

All that leaves us to say is: Welcome back to our team Tamara! We wish you all the best.

Technical Consultant Tamara

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