Meet the Specialist: Pinar Sardar

Personal Background

Pinar grew up in Ankara, Turkey. While her parents moved back to their hometown and still live there, Pinar decided to move back to Ankara to study Sociology.

Besides having moved all around Turkey, Pinar likes combining studying and working with travel! She has lived in many places all around the world; Berlin, Germany, Sydney, Australia, and she currently lives in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Besides enjoying traveling, Pinar writes and sings!

When asked what her favorite place in the world is so far, she struggles to choose between Edinburgh, Scotland and Sydney, Australia so it’s a tie.

Professional career

After obtaining her BA in Sociology in Ankara, Pinar moved to Berlin, Germany, to take sociology courses in an MA program.

After two years of living in Berlin, Pinar moved back to Turkey to start her new job as an implementation consultant in the manufacturing industry. This job required a lot of travel and allowed her to stay with clients for longer periods of time.

After a while, an opening arrived for a project in Australia! Wanting abroad experience, Pinar took the project in Sydney and moved there for three months. While she loved it there, Australia is a long way from home.

So she moved back to Turkey and took part in smaller projects until the company moved to the UAE. Pinar decided not to move with them and instead took an HR consultancy job in Istanbul. This is where she learned how to work with a program similar to Phenom!

Besides working a full-time job as a consultant, Pinar managed to find time to work for the ClimateLaunchPad with a number of (ex)colleagues. She offered distance support for “Green Business Idea” submissions from Turkish organizations for this global contest, helped organize the final bootcamps, and again managed to combine travel with work this way. Actually, Pinar is still active for the organization as she writes social media content to promote awareness.

So, how did Pinar end up in the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands? Well, “life happened.”

Pinar met her husband in Turkey and, after he got a job in Eindhoven, they moved in 2017. Before starting at FourVision, she volunteered as an HR team leader for an international community organization in Eindhoven. She was in charge of PR, delegating jobs to other volunteers, organizing fairs to recruit new volunteers, and organizing events to bring the international community together.

Position at FourVision

Then, in March 2020 Pinar started at FourVision as the Implementation Consultant for Phenom People. She helps customers implement their new career sites using Phenom tools. Together with Alex Grin, Pinar is set on improving career websites, analytics that allow for candidate tracking and improving the overall candidate experience.

While working remotely is not a problem for the implementation of new career pages, Pinar would like to be able to meet with new customers in person and, after the Corona crisis is over, move back to working at the office!

Final remarks

Pinar is looking forward to exploring the seemingly endless possibilities that the Phenom Career Platform offers and find a way to match it with a customer’s needs. Working to create new candidate experiences for people with new platforms.

Lastly, Pinar has enjoyed working for FourVision in the past few months. Even though she has not been there long, she already feels welcomed and included in the company!

Would you like to know more about the options that Phenom offers and how Pinar can help you find the best Talent Experience solution? Read all about it here!

Specialist Pinar

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