Meet the Specialist: Hunain Sami

Who is Hunain Sami?

“I come from Lahore, Pakistan. I’m a backend developer and technical consultant specializing in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 HR.

At work, I strive to grow my technical skills every day.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing cricket and chess.”

What’s your job at FourVision?

“I joined FourVision as a Technical Consultant responsible for Power platform integration and Dynamics 365 Human Resources. I’ll be also engaged in Dynamics 365 F&O.

I am looking forward to growing my technical skills in Dynamics 365 F&O as a backend developer.”

Why FourVision?

“I’ve heard of FourVision’s reputation in the industry and felt I’d be proud to work for a company with such an excellent track record and a strong example of leadership in the industry.

I have a friend that works in FourVision, my friend told me that the culture here is top-notch and that the management supports learning on the job while rewarding hard work. Based on this assessment and encouragement, I think that I will fit in the team perfectly to make an immediate impact.”


It is great to have Hunain onboard, and we wish him all the best!

Meet the Specialist Hunain Sami | FourVision

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