Meet our tech-savvy support engineer, Mehmet Ali.

“I come from a big family with 7 sisters and 2 brothers and a number of nephews making it quite cozy.”

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As the technical support engineer, Mehmet oversees technical assistance, troubleshooting and system administration while proactively striving to improve the overall efficiency of FourVision.

Prior to joining FourVision, he has gained extensive experience over the years informally by providing technical assistance to his circle of friends and family. Troubleshooting and providing a solution to issues within computers, laptops, smartphones and security camera systems are Mehmet’s expertise. He has an educational background in electrical engineering and Computer Science and a keen interest in everything related to IT.

Mehmet, an avid gamer, a brother of many siblings and a fan of watching TV series, likes to indulge in whipping up traditional dishes from all over the world.

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