Meet the Specialist: Marijn Bieleveldt

Personal background

Marijn grew up and still lives in a small town near Doetinchem, in what they call “De Achterhoek”. (The literal translation is “The Backcorner” in the Netherlands.)

In June 2021, Marijn obtained his Communication & Multimedia design degree at the HAN University of Applied Science in Arnhem. Prior to that, he finished a Marketing and Communications education. Marijn enjoys going out with friends, watching series/movies, and playing video games in his spare time. At the right time of the year, he also enjoys maintaining his fruits- and vegetable garden!

Professional background

Marijn started his career as an intern at a local (Online) Sports store, where he continued to work at for about four years. During that time, Marijn learned the ropes of online marketing, e-commerce and even some graphic design.

At some point in his new study, Marijn joined FourVision as an intern. This was 2019, right after the rebranding was formally introduced to the company. During his internship, Marijn helped with the implementation of the new corporate identity. Near the end of his apprenticeship, the work of implementation was not done yet. He got the chance to stay at FourVision as part-time Communications- and Multimedia Designer. From that point, he produced all the visual content you see on our website and social media!

Fast-forwarding a year, Marijn was writing his graduation thesis again at FourVision. His thesis’ focus wasn’t on graphic design but on designing a new service, which would help FourVision better facilitate partners in implementing our Web Apps.

And as of writing this article, Marijn just started his full-time role at FourVision as a Channel Marketer and Multimedia Designer.

Position at FourVision

As a Channel Marketer and Multimedia Designer, Marijn is responsible for identifying customer touchpoints, improving the customer’s journey, and ensuring that FourVision is well represented on various channels. Combined with his role as a Communications & Multimedia Designer, he is looking after the results of visual content internally and externally, so that every piece ‘looks and feels like’ FourVision’s brand.

We asked him: what are you most looking forward to do?
“What I am most looking forward to is to be able to go back to the office and work directly with colleagues on various projects. It is more fun to be able to see each other when you work together instead of working from home!”

Meet the Specialist Marijn Bieleveldt FourVision

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