Meet the interns: new young talent

In the past weeks, we’ve been lucky to welcome several interns at FourVision. And we want to tell you more about them. Meet our newbies:

Meet the interns: new young talent

Ilona Berhe

Who is Ilona Berhe? I’m an energetic person with an ambitious personality. I always look for opportunities to develop myself further. In addition, I think it is important to stay peaceful, calm, and grounded in life. 

What is your job at FourVision?  As an HR intern doing general HR tasks, I focus on the employee journey at FourVision and get involved in upcoming projects.  

Why FourVision? She chose FourVision because it is a dynamic organization, it is still growing. It’s an opportunity to learn and be part of a diverse team with amazing ideas.

Annemijn Gommers

Who is Annemijn Gommers? I am a 22-year-old master’s student specializing in labor law and employment relations. Besides studying, I love spending time with my family and friends, dancing, and traveling.

What is your job at FourVision? As my master’s degree focuses on the legal side of HR, I am particularly interested in finding out about the policies & rules at FourVision.

Why FourVision? FourVision is a company with a lot of knowledge. I feel it’s a place where I can learn a lot. I get the space to develop myself and the atmosphere is great too.

Rick Fleuren

Who is Rick Fleuren? I am a 19-year-old student working hard to graduate in Marketing & Communication this year. Besides working and studying, I am a sports fan and I like to visit football matches as much as possible. I also love to travel.

What is my job at Fourvision? I am part of the marketing team. So, I work with CRM among other things.

Why Fourvision? While I was looking for an internship, Fourvision’s just sent an email to my school. When my teacher forwarded it to everyone, I immediately acted and called Fourvision. There is a really nice ambiance surrounding Fourvision.

Aswanie Matau

Who is Aswanie Matau? I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exploring new places around the world.

What is your job at FourVision? I am currently working as an HR intern and finalizing my Human Resource Management studies at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Why FourVision? I became interested in FourVision after an acquaintance of mine told me enthusiastically about it. After my interview with HR, I was sold and already saw a lot of opportunities to graduate within FourVision! Our young but professional team is very supportive, everyone is willing to help me whenever I have any questions. I immediately felt part of the FourVision family 😊!   


Are you curious about doing your internship at FourVision? Send us an email and tell us more about your ambitions.

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