FourVision is ready for GDPR

We are happy to inform you that FourVision is ready for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) You have probably received quite a few emails about this over the past few weeks. Security about your personal data has always been and will still be very important to us. To reflect the changes in the law, we have updated our Privacy Policy. You can find the updated privacy regulations and more information on e.g. why, how and for what purposes we are processing your personal data and what your rights via this link.


What is GDPR?

GDPR ensures that the personal data of European citizens are protected. Since May 25th permission must be requested for collecting and using data. This also applies to all the information that you obtain during the application process. GDPR obliges you to be transparent about the use of personal data. It must be demonstrated which personal data you collect as an organization, how this data is used and how it is protected. A special procedure has been drawn up for this. All personal data must be secured. As a result, increased safety measures are required. Measures are also taken to prevent hackers and data leaks. Is there a data breach? Then you must be able to report this within 72 hours.

GDPR – What does this mean for you?

After the introduction of GDPR, you can keep your application data for at least 1 year. The personal details of the candidates who have been rejected must be removed within 4 weeks. It is therefore of great importance to FourVision that the retention periods are carefully monitored. The permission for storing the data must also be registered. Have you not explicitly asked for permission? Then the personal data must be removed from the system. Therefore, make sure that you manage the personal data clearly in one system to prevent you from spending a lot of time checking various Excel and Word documents.

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