Specialist Speaks: the Candidate Experience, a game-changer!

We have all been involved in numerous hiring processes. This process is a great way to show potential employees the culture of the organization. This means that the prospects will understand the values, purpose, mission and vision of the organization, as well as the style of communication and the care towards the workforce. We call this Candidate Experience.

As a recruiter in different industries, I understood that the candidate experience is one of the most important things in Human Resources. You might be asking why. It happens that when we are able to exchange with potential employees we show – and sell – how our company behaves. This is the game-changer: we build, create and embrace culture even with people that don’t belong to the company yet. The candidate experience might be just as important as your internal culture. This is because the people who don´t belong to your organization yet, might be sharing their experience and thoughts with more potential candidates. In either case, we all know word-of-mouth marketing qualifies as one of the best way to promote your business.

Breaking point

The breaking point we should be more aware of is the candidate experience. An excellent end-to-end recruitment process can make the difference for your organization, even for those who don’t join the organization. We run out of excuses, and it’s time to invest. And even if you don’t agree with me at this point, remember those times where you applied. You went on one or two one and never heard from the recruiter again. Does this sound familiar? Experiences like this negatively influence your attitude towards these organizations.

Create an outstanding Candidate Experience

Luckily, there are some great solutions available that can help you create an outstanding candidate experience. The first one is Phenom, you might already know how they work. From a candidate side, you can improve the experience with the usage of chatbots to answer quick questions, watching employee testimonial videos, and post about the internal experience from an employee. On the other hand, as a recruiter, you will work in a much smarter way. Attracting the right talent, improving your employee brand and building a robust candidate pipeline. The second one is Dynamics ATS, another great solution that will help you take care of your candidates like a pro. Why? Because you will be able to take care of the complete end-to-end recruitment process. Including all the amazing information you will exchange with the valuables candidates.

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