Performance Management in a hybrid organization

More and more organizations now work partially or entirely remotely. A new term — remote-first — has entered the HR vocabulary. FourVision received a request from our website user to answer the question: how to streamline Performance Management in a remote organization?

Facilitate collaboration

Performance Management in remote settings requires trust and proactive leadership. Set clear goals, define deadlines, and clarify each member’s responsibility. Encourage regular communications within your team: Monday kick-off meetings, weekly/bi-weekly project reviews, daily check-ins, monthly brainstorm sessions, and more.

Adopt a result-based model

Instead of assessing how employees do their jobs and when they are present online, focus on the results they deliver. Define desired outcomes in a SMART way and track progress throughout the performance cycle. You can opt for OKRs (objectives and key results) as your goal-setting model or establish any method that produces measurable outcomes.

Provide feedback and ask for it

Creating a frequent feedback process can help you guide employees remotely and contain any problems early. Make sure your feedback is constructive, address both achievements and growth areas by pinpointing concreate desired results and supporting your employee in reaching them. Schedule regular one-on-one calls to have focused conversations and prioritize tasks on top of the formal performance cycle.

Manage performance in a dedicated software

To streamline performance evaluation in a fully remote organization, setting up performance management software is a must. Such software allows you to oversee your performance data for the entire organization and each department/team/employee, assign or approve goals, track progress over time, plan promotion and succession, and much more.

Based on our HRM expertise, we recommend you choose a system based on the following criteria:

  • It’s GDPR compliant
  • It can be easily integrated with your core HRM platform
  • It supports one source of HR data (single source of truth) in your organization
  • It’s can be flexibly adjusted to your performance management needs. So you can pick functionalities that serve your performance process and opt-out of unwanted ones.

FourVision provides the Performance Management Web App that is built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and satisfies all the criteria above. The Web App enables you to create digital workflows in line with your HR model, manage cascaded goals, program alerts/notifications, document reviews and endorse colleagues via the performance dashboard. Schedule your demo to learn more!


How to organize Performance Management in remote organizations

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