Optimize the energy of your HR department

There is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Human Resource employees. Human Resources departments are responsible for the complete and successful lifecycle of employees. This starts with the recruiting process going through onboarding, employment changes, offboarding and termination. In addition to this, you have the processes of leave & absence, performance management, career planning, payroll among others. I’m sure you can picture at least two more.

While managing all these delicate processes, request of diverse nature may appear in almost every format and through different channels. Unmanaged request can lead to chaos, which results in a waste of energy and resources. This causes a double trouble. On one hand, HR teams feel overwhelmed with the perceived amount of work. On the other hand, employees with pending request feel worried about the lack of visibility and response.

What is needed to improve this process?

There are some simple key points to keep in mind when optimization is needed. The first rule is visibility. The requesting and approving people need to know how the process is going. This can be simply solved with adding notifications when an action is performed. By adding visibility to the process, you are bringing light and a sense of control. The second rule is simplicity. It must be a defined but simple cycle. With clear steps for all the participants and with an easy and user friendly experience. The final rule is technology. Do you ever think how lucky you are because of the technology you get to use in your everyday (working) life? Not taking advantage of the latest technology is a huge missed change for you and your organization.

Chasing the goal to provide solutions to HR staff and companies – and gathering the three key points mentioning before – FourVision created a Web App designed to fulfil your needs and to bring order to the chaos. Easy to implement and use, will help your company, HR and your workforce to work optimizing the energy. Let me introduce you: HR Request, an innovative solution to your current challenges.

How does it work?

HR Request for Dynamics 365 Human Resources will centralize your personnel’s submissions through the Shared Service Center (SSC). In fact, the App supports centralized SSC on administrative tasks such as benefits administration, recruitment administration, payroll changes, onboarding new staff, relocation services, common HR transactions and regulation and standardization of frequently provided information and advice. All through a single entry for all HR-related requests. This will take away the huge amount of administrative work for HR departments which allows them to operate on a more strategical level! Check out our solution by clicking the link above. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by opening the live chat on the bottom right of your screen!

Optimizing The Energy of Your HR Department D365 HR Microsoft FourVision

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