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Onboarding – what can be difficult about it? The candidate is already in. You just need to hand over relevant documents and tasks, arrange a couple of “get-to-know meetings”, and they’re good to go? Or are they?
Many companies lose their employees in the first two months of employment. And then they have to spend more money hiring a replacement. This vicious circle is fueled by the gap between what new hires expect versus what companies deliver. Here are several ideas to rethink and improve your onboarding process:

Reassess your recruitment marketing

Align your promises (culture, benefits, responsibilities, technologies, growth opportunities, etc.) with the actual employee experience.

Invest in onboarding communications

Keep your finger on the pulse by checking employee feedback throughout the entire onboarding process. It will help you identify difficulties and act on employee feedback in time.

Turn outsiders into insiders

Articulate how things work: a lot of things in your business might be obvious to you, but they are unclear for new employees. Create simple guides that cover all key policies and processes in your organization; from submitting expenses to the tone-of-voice used in emails to customers.

Set up early goals

Achievements power our confidence and help us feel better about ourselves and our company. Make sure your new hire is assigned tasks that are in line with their experience and current knowledge about your company but challenging enough to keep their motivation high.

Create a supportive onboarding community

Connecting a newcomer with all relevant stakeholders is a hygiene level. If you really want to make them feel at home, introduce them to other colleagues: with similar ethnic backgrounds, hobbies, family situations, etc. This will facilitate their feeling of belonging and boost mutual support within teams.

Take control of your onboarding

With the FourVision Boarding WebApp you can streamline onboarding and significantly improve retention rate. Create onboarding lists, assign tasks to stakeholders, design guides, and much more. Learn more and request your demo!

It starts with you - Onboarding with care

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