How to Keep the Workplace Safe

Safety can have physical or mental implications. It can make us feel scared or concerned for our own safety or that of colleagues. While this is certainly true for heavy industry, the Corona virus can also cause anxiety. For instance, if employees are looking to return to the office.

It is the job of the entire workforce to ensure health and safety in the workplace. Only together, looking out for each other, can it be maintained.

There are tools to help your organization streamline and organize the safety rules and regulations. One of such smart tools is our Health & Safety Web App. We have worked to enhance it, to include workflows that allow employees to quickly register any workplace situations in which they do not feel safe. In terms of COVID-19, this can be because the 1.5m distance is not adhered to, or because the disinfectant spray is running low, or out in various places around the workplace.

How does it work?

The Health & Safety Web App helps in reporting and tracking injuries, sickness and dangerous workplace incidents. Everyone in the workforce simply registers a safety issue of any kind; this is picked up by the workflow, sent straight to the right people who can take the necessary steps to solve the safety concern.

The Web App has three main user roles; Employee, Manager and Admin and each of these will have separate access based on the authorization setup.

Employee Access

Employees will have a personal dashboard, or landing page, that can be accessed on all desktop and mobile devices. Submitting a registration of a safety issue will look as follows:

  1. An employee selects ‘create a registration’ to activate the process. There is an additional option for starting high severity registrations.
  2. Employee information, personal details and contact details are automatically selected.
  3. A dashboard image and step-by-step guide leads the employee through the registration process. Giving the option to connect types of safety issues with additional fields to add descriptions if required.
  4. The employee completes the process and submits the safety issue. The configurable workflows will automatically pick it up and send it to the right people. as a result, actions can be taken to solve the issue.
Manager Access

A manager will have a similar dashboard to an employee except that it will include additional tiles for a better overview. One of the tiles is known as “My Team Registrations”. Here, managers can see if anyone in their team has submitted an issue. The team is created based on organizational data and is imported from either Dynamics 365 Finance, or Supply Chain Management. The other tile on the manager dashboard is called “Registrations for my approval.” This tile holds all the information, based on assigned workflows, where managerial actions/approvals are required for the submission to be completed.

Admin Access

Anyone within the organization with Admin access to the Web App will be responsible for the setup and maintenance. In addition, Admins are able to oversee the workflow from the moment a registration comes in to track its progress and take action if required. This includes:

  • Setting up connections with the desired source
  • Maintaining the authorization & the value list that are used for each type of registration
  • Maintaining registration types for employees to register the safety issues, including the workflows and forms that are used for the registrations
  • Updating and changing menus to make sure the application is as user-friendly and quick to use as possible.

Upgrade your workplace – Our offer

For a limited time only, we are offering our Health & Safety Web App free of charge for any Dynamics 365 Finance, or Supply Chain Management users! In other words, the implementation, configuration and licensing costs are completely free for you to use for a period of 9 months! You will receive the complete, seamlessly integrated and configured Health & Safety Web App to support the workflows that will make your registration of safety issues easier.

*Azure hosting fees excluded, starting from €125 depending on usage.

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Work together for safety in the workplace

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