How to integrate Sage Business Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Payroll has an impact on more than just your employees. Cash flow, productivity, operational success, and even company culture are influenced to some degree by your payroll function. When this function fails to perform as you need it to, things can go south very quickly.

Realizing this, many organizations are today switching to cloud-based ERP and payroll systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and Sage Business Cloud. But did you know the two can work together seamlessly to provide you with a futureproof

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enables businesses to manage and automate their human resources (HR) functions such as compensation plans, personnel management, and employee self-service.

As an implementation partner of Dynamics 365, we support a wide range of HR processes through a wide range of proprietary apps and powerful tools. These include the Payroll Interface, a powerful solution that integrates the Dynamics 365 API to support payroll processes to third-party payroll vendors like Sage Business Cloud via an out-of-the-box connection between Dynamics 365.

How to integrate Sage Business Cloud with Dynamics 365?

Integrating a payroll system like Sage Business Cloud with Dynamics 365 F&O via the Payroll Interface is a simple and seamless process.

  1. Create an environment where FourVision Payroll Interface is installed.
  2. Maintain your human resources data in Dynamics 365 F&O as usual.
  3. Create and process payroll runs in the Payroll Interface to generate data.
  4. Ship this data to the payroll system via the Payroll Interface Web App.
  5. Calculate salary, pay employees, and create a general ledger journal using the Sage payroll system.

Once this has been done, you can then import your general ledger journal into Dynamics 365 to pull your financial information back into your ERP for reporting purposes.

Note: Customizing might be necessary to align with the installation specifics of your D365 HR/F&O and Payroll systems, a task which we are ready to support you with.

Benefits of the FourVision Payroll Interface

Integrating FourVision Payroll Interface within your payroll system brings you several benefits, including:

  • Full integration between D365, Payroll, and external providers.
  • A centralized area to configure your interface to payroll systems.
  • The ability to manage country-specific payroll and tax requirements.
  • Highly configurable with options for different setups and file formats/APIs.
  • Option to check and approve export data before sending it to Sage.

If you want to take the next steps in implementing our Payroll Interface solution, get in touch to schedule a demo!

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