How to integrate Ceridian Payroll and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & HR

Microsoft ceased support for the Ceridian Dayforce integration with Dynamics 365 Human Resources in 2023. But we can help you out. Learn how it works in this article!

With many users still in need of an easy to install integration between Ceridian Payroll and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&SCM) (formerly Finance & Operations – F&O), we are happy to provide the integration with our standard payroll interface.

How to integrate Ceridian Payroll and Dynamics 365?

Connecting Ceridian to Dynamics 365 is a simple process with the FourVision Payroll Interface app. Please note that the integration is limited to Ceridian’s payroll functionality, so that you can easily synchronize HR- and financial data between the two, and start payroll runs from the payroll app.

  1. Set up an environment where FourVision Payroll Interface is deployed.
  2. Via the payroll app, connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Human Resources.
  3. Keep your employee records in Dynamics 365 as usual.
  4. Set up and process payroll runs via the Payroll Interface. The out-of-the-box integration covers most of the tables depending on your setup.
  5. Transfer payroll data to Ceridian via the payroll interface – fully automated or manually!
  6. Calculate salary, pay employees, and create a general ledger journal using Ceridian, as you usually do.

Payroll Interface connection between Dynamics 365 and Ceridian

Adapting to your D365 HR/F&O and Payroll systems’ specifics might require customization. Our experienced team is happy to implement this.

After completing these steps, you are able to use your data in either system for reporting purposes!

Which Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps can be integrated with Ceridian Payroll?

Ceridian’s payroll system can be connected to the following Dynamics 365 apps with FourVision Payroll Interface:

  • Ceridian and Dynamics 365 for Human Resources (HR)
  • Ceridian and Dynamics 365 for Finance
  • Ceridian and Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Connections with Microsoft Dataverse and Power Apps, opening up many customization and integration options

Interested? Learn more about payroll interface or contact us to get started!

Integrate Ceridian Payroll and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O - HR

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