How to improve employee happiness

Research shows that employee happiness contributes to a 12% increase in productivity. Yes, exactly!

This means they deliver better results for their employers and make customers happier in the process. Companies like Google and others have understood the radical importance of investing in employee happiness.

So, how do you elevate happiness levels in your organization? Here’s a few tips.

Ace the basics

According to Herzberg’s Motivation Theory, the are two main factors in employee satisfaction: hygiene needs and motivators.

Hygiene needs include a competitive salary, healthy work conditions and relationships. Read it again. Yes, a competitive salary and a friendly work environment are not “perks”. It’s a zero level, which means that if hygiene needs are not met, employees would be highly dissatisfied, but when met, it doesn’t skyrocket employee satisfaction.

We understand that fixing wages and offices, fostering healthy work relationships (transparent, respective and supportive at all levels) is no easy task. It will take a lot of effort from your leadership, HR, and managers.

But, in any case, fix the basics first.

Create growth paths

When employees’ basic needs are met, their key focus in on self-realization.

Success at work looks differently for different people: for some it’s about making an impact, for others – climbing the career ladder, for others – having stability… you name it. Most of these needs can be met if a company has built clear development trajectories, both for vertical and horizontal growth. This means relevant and up-to-date training, a performance system tied to self-development and a culture that embraces and supports individual self-actualization for business progress.

Facilitate human connections

As we spend ¼ of our lives working, relationships at work are critical to our overall happiness. For many, it’s a dealmaker (or braker!). That’s why expanding working relationships outside of business topics can help you build even better engagement and foster happiness. This includes supporting colleagues in times of crisis (such as family or health struggles), taking part in social projects (such as local community support), incorporating active fun activities and hosting events for entire families, etc.

Most importantly, it boils down to building a culture that connects people on a deeper level than just work.


How can we help

Our commitment is to help you improve employee happiness through user-friendly HRM software. Our suite of web applications for Dynamics 365 includes Performance Management and other efficient tools that empower your employees in their growth journey. We also collaborate closely with LMS365 – a unique e-learning system for Dynamics 365 and Teams.

Whatever your need is, we have the technology and the experts to make it happen! Contact us and we’ll show you how.

How to improve employee happiness

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