Embracing hybrid: how to find the right balance

Are we going back to the office? For some companies, remote became the new normal and will stay so in the long run. Others decided to almost fully return to the office. Yet a big number of business opt for the middle way – hybrid. Here’s how to find the right balance and keep your employees happy.

Understand behavioral trends

The Great Resignation shows that the trend of priorities shifting towards personal lives: families, hobbies, communities, travelling, etc. People became more protective of their boundaries and less hesitant to work overtime or on weekends. This also includes sticking to remote work whenever it’s convenient for them. Avoid forcing employees into the office. Models such as being at the office a fixed number of days on a mandatory basis might put off a lot of talented employees and candidates.

Make your office worth to commute

Answering the question “WHY” (gather in the office) is key for your management team. If you don’t intentionally create an environment where people want to come and connect with each other and promote it correctly, hybrid will not be embraced. Establishing a structure, for example dedicating specific days for coming together, organizing brainstorm sessions on a regular basis and holding offline training sessions can help your teams make the most out of their office time.

Create value beyond the office and computer screens

The post-pandemic workplace is not only about flexibility but engaging in more meaningful activities and building authentic relationships. Creating a diversified employee communication strategy that embraces your values and involves employees on all levels can help unite them in a way your office space or remote calls never will. This might mean engaging in local community projects, participating in sustainable initiatives, celebrating public holidays together, organizing hackathons, and much more.

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How to help your company embrace hybrid work

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