Boost collaboration through Performance Management

Is your business struggling to engage employees in better collaboration, within teams or between departments? Here’s how you can boost your collaboration rates through Performance Management (PM).

Embrace a collaborative culture

Collaboration needs nurturing and support. In organizations with different cultures, ethnical backgrounds and specializations, this is especially important. And it gets more important as you grow and scale globally.

When collaboration is embraced on a cultural level it means it’s emphasized in every touchpoint of your employee experience: from hiring for the team mindset, to cross-department working groups, transparency and performance reviews.

Balance individual and collaborative goals

To achieve collaborative goals, your employee needs to be aware of their importance for his or her performance. This means that every team member should have a balanced portfolio of both individual and team goals set in their performance cycle.

Sounds great, but what if you want to assign the same objective to the entire organization or a department with hundreds of people? Here’s where PM automation comes into play. For example, FourVision’s PM Web App allows managers to cascade one goal to their team/department/organization.

Create clear performance indicators for collaborative goals

Unless you can properly measure your collaborative outcomes, setting these team goals is barely useful.

Finding the right indicators and communicating them to your employees is half the battle. Take customer satisfaction in software development, for example. Obviously, it depends on smooth work and collaboration of different teams and professionals: from sales managers and project managers to developers and support employees. Everyone contributes to the final result that can be measured as NPS – Net Promoter Score.

Reward your most collaborative teams

Showing true appreciation is crucial for achieving your goal here – boost collaboration. Praise your highly collaborative teams through internal communications and provide a clear example for others to follow. Here’s how:

  • Grasp attention. Make a power statement to attract attention (“The champions of the month!”, “Meet our top performers”, etc.)
  • Explain the case. What the problem was, how the team approached its solving, what are the key results are, what their importance for the business is.
  • Congratulate and articulate the reward. Say thank you to your employees for going the extra mile. Highlight how exactly they will be rewarded (bonus, promotion, extra benefits, etc.)
  • Provide an opportunity to extend the collaboration. Provide contacts for other employees to reach out to their featured colleagues and learn more about this case.

Implement Performance Management software

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your core HRM system? Then our Performance Management Web App will allow to automate and streamline your performance reviews. The application allows to set goals, cascade them and rate performance of employees through 360 degree feedback. And much more! Contact us to request your demo.

How to increase collaboration with Performance Management

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