7 HR trends to watch in 2022

To retain and attract the best professionals, businesses (more than ever before) need to keep up with the current trends. Therefore, we handpicked 7 HR trends to watch in 2022 from our podcast conversations with HR experts across different industries.

The active hiring season of 2022 starts in February. Are you ready for it?

Focus on employee well-being

Large companies and tech startups have set a major trend of investing in employee well-being: extra leave days, meditation apps subscriptions, paid child care, you name it! And it’s not only a matter of preventing burnouts during remote working. Well-being benefits became a key component of employer branding. So, what do you offer?

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is becoming a big thing in the field of Learning & Development. As humans, we learn better by doing rather than observing. That’s why, in the remote-first setup, gamification/virtual reality training will be part of many jobs, from a merchandiser to an engineer.

Employee self-service technologies

Self-service tools have developed exponentially since the beginning of 2020. Today, you can easily download documents and make requests online, almost all approvals can be executed in a few clicks. Usability, scalability and reliability of self-service technologies are key to a smooth employee experience.

Investments in Employee Experience (EXP)

EXP is a new tech trend, following CRM and ERP. There is more and more understanding among leaders that people are the most valuable asset. Equipping employees with the right tools to make their work experience more efficient and effortless will be on top of the list for many companies this year.

Learning in the flow of work

“Learn as you work” is crucial in the remote-first environment. More often training will be provided on the same platforms employees work on daily. In the decline of physical learning, giving relevant training to relevant people in a relevant place and time will become more common.

Data-driven culture

Data literacy has become a prerequisite competence for HR in large companies. And this trend is growing. Interpreting data and using it in negotiations with stakeholders helps HR make more meaningful, evidence-based decisions, and thereby save time and operational costs for businesses.

Search for meaning

Through the great resignation, people question their place in life, their work purpose and its alignment with companies they work for. Articulating one’s business mission in a clear way and living up to it is becoming more and more important for companies around the globe.


These are our 7 HR trends to watch in 2022. Are you looking for the tools to help you stay ahead of the curve in this year? Contact our FourVision consultants who will help you to find the right solution for your business.

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