5 decisions you have to take to pick the right Onboarding solution

We can all agree that 2020 is one of the most challenging years for Human Resources teams. We needed to migrate to a completely remote environment. With this migration, we needed to make sure to maintain the culture, engagement and motivation of the employees. Some processes, like the early stages of recruitment, may not suffer major changes. Some however, need a full adaptation to this reality. Onboarding and transitions are an excellent example.

Thanks to this pandemic, there are lots of emerging solutions available to support processes. This lets us face another challenge. How do we choose the correct solution for your company and workforce? I will focus on Onboarding. There are at least 5 decisions you need to take to select your perfect solution:

1. Experience

Onboarding as a process facilitates the very first moment between you and your new hire. This is the start of a new relationship. This is a big opportunity to provide the best experience. I can ensure that a great onboarding experience will definitely have an impact in your workforce engagement and motivation.

2. User friendly/Usability

This is a must! It needs to be easy to handle, intuitive and attractive. A place where everyone wants to stay as long as possible in order to learn about the company and the new role.

3. Provide network

Enabling a network for your new hire will help understand the different roles inside your company. You are also providing contacts to share non-work topics but to build relationships.

4. Be clear

One of the main challenges when someone lands on a new role, are the activities they need to perform. As long as the tasks are not clear, the learning curve will be longer and this will impact the performance of your new employee. One good trick is to pack up all the activities with guidance, resources and a deadline.

5. Track

This is mandatory, not optional. The solution you select needs to help you keep track of the tasks completed and pending. Without this information, you are missing valuable insights about your Onboarding process.

In case you are wondering, at FourVision we have a solution that gathers these 5 points and more. I invite you to check the following link to see our Boarding Web App

And once again: is all about the experience!

Candidate experience Ana Ines Urrutia FourVision HR

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