Checklist Web App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR | FourVisionThere are many things that you and your staff have to remember to do every single day. Even more so when you have to Onboard a new team member, Cross-board or Offboard an employee. We have developed a helpful tool for you to use to structure and streamline your HR process so that you no longer have to worry about forgetting any tasks.

Our Checklist solution is an additional feature that, once we implement it together with our Web Apps, will support the employee lifecycle at all stages; from hire to retire. You will be able to configure checklists with tasks to accomplish at every stage so that your process is streamlined and organized. Each template checklist can be assigned to the specific teams and people involved. The Checklist can be programmed to trigger reminders so that the right people can check off their specified tasks without the risk of forgetting something.

Employee Lifecycle Support
Key Features

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