HR departments are constantly seeking better ways to communicate with their workforce. According to studies, employees prefer mobile communication. In fact, employees are 60% more inclined to access information through a HR mobile application than through a laptop or desktop computer.

Mobile technology is constantly changing the way people connect with each other and reshaping the way organizations are organized and operated. It improves core functional HR processes by boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. This is the prime reason why all of FourVision’s Web Apps are also accessible via mobile devices.

A great example is the Leave and Absence Web App. Employees can easily request leave from the comfort of any location with their mobile devices. It contains a calendar view to add to the enhanced user experience.

Line Managers can make use of comprehensive view of their team’s calendars, allowing them to make real-time informed decisions with each leave requests with a concise and responsive user interface. Employees can even have the flexibility to buy or sell leave while supporting the internal leave policies.

Incorporating mobile HR applications into your internal business functions will allow for your organization to reap many benefits.

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