Queue Associates: Moving business forward with Microsoft Dynamics 365

For the last couple of years, the partnership between Queue Associates and FourVision has been growing. Their global reach and expertise in the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack make this collaboration very fruitful for both sides.

Chiara James, EMEA Business Development Manager, and Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Director at Queue Associates, gave us a nice overview of what this partnership looks like in practical terms. Let’s get into it.

Introducing Queue Associates

Queue Associates, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner, is a full-service consulting firm which is focused on providing Microsoft solutions to domestic and global organizations. These solutions include accounting and finance, project accounting, human resources, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Queue provides a full range of services to their clients, including pre-implementation consulting, installation, customization and ongoing technical support. Furthermore, their depth of expertise enables them to support more than 480 clients worldwide.

Why choose Queue Associates?

There are plenty of consulting companies out there that are specialized in Microsoft products. What is different about Queue Associates is their extensive expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack. And that is obviously reassured by their Microsoft Gold Partner certification.

Chiara adds:

With headquarters in the United States and offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong, we have a very global customer base. We work across industries no matter the size of the customer. So, we’re remarkably diverse in that sense. We are also truly diverse with our offerings…

…We support the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack. That’s of course the customer engagement applications as well as the ERP, CRM and Human Resources. We have a global team of both functional and technical experts who are specialists in their areas, from Chartered Accountants to Supply Chain Specialists and MBA-level professionals, which set’s us apart from other Microsoft partners in the ecosystem.

How did Queue Associates evolve through the years?

Chiara explains:

Queue is a long-term player in the Microsoft solutions market and has been implementing and supporting their solutions for three decades. Whilst our expertise originally lay in the implementation of ERP systems, we have since diversified greatly to cover all areas of Dynamics 365; from Customer Engagement to Project Operations, and from Finance & Supply Chain Management to Human Resources, which is of course is where our strategic partnership with Fourvision comes into play!

Queue Associates and FourVision partnership

Queue and FourVision started partnering up more frequently around two years ago, after meeting at a conference back in 2018.

Jeffrey sums it up:

To put it simply, there are gaps in the Microsoft solution in terms of the Human Resource modules that are available with the FourVision solutions.

So, whether it is the payroll interfaces, the expenses module, the onboarding, or any of the other extensions, everyone benefits working with FourVision. You provide us with the full functionalities that the core Microsoft Dynamics HR system lacks, and our clients require.

And Chiara adds:

Moreover, the trusted relationship FourVision has with Microsoft is also unbelievably valuable to us. We know that FourVision works hand in hand with Microsoft and are trusted HR consultants. This ultimately allows us to stay ahead, getting early insights into updates or changes that may be made to the solution itself.


We value our partnerships and the one we have with Queue Associates is no different. We look forward to improving this collaboration in the coming years, sharing more knowledge and resources.

Queue Associates Partnership FourVision

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