The First Release Wave of 2020

As of last week, the first part of the 2020 Microsoft Release wave 1 is available to all Dynamics 365 Human Resources customers. This release is the first part of the changes made to the out-of-the-box HR solution that was announced before Christmas 2019.

This article gives you an overview of the additional functionality of the solution with links pointing to in-depth explanations on specific functions.

The following features are now generally available:

Benefits Management
  • Enhanced plan configuration
  • Efficient administration
  • Extensive eligibility setup
  • Flex credit programs

Read more about it here 

Leave and Absence
  • Create leave rules to meet organization and regulatory policies
  • Automatically adjust leave for public holiday corrections and streamline the accrual process by automatically adjusting employee balances as well, instead of needing time-consuming and error-prone manual updates
  • Accrue based on full-time equivalents (FTE) feature allows for a single leave plan to be used for both full-time and part-time employees
  • Round leave balances feature provides employees with a better understanding of the days they have available for time-off requests
  • Review who is and is not at work via calendars

Would you like to know more about the leave and absence management feature, then read all about it here

Additional Human Resources data available in the Common Data Services

  • The CDS was enhanced with additional changes to include more HR data.

The following features are currently available for testing.

Leave suspension

Read all about this functionality here.

Carry forward rules

Read more about it here.

Full page apps

This preview feature, which requires you to enable the Saved Views feature, allows for Power Apps and third-party apps to be added as full-page experiences via the dashboard.

Saved views

This preview feature enables saved views, which provide a significant enhancement to the personalization subsystem. The feature allows users to have multiple named sets of personalizations per page. You can also publish views on security roles.

Optimized ‘is one of’ the filtering experiences

This feature enables an optimized ‘is one of’ filtering experience that makes it easier to enter multiple filter values. It has a simpler mechanism to remove individual or all filter values. In addition, it has a more compact and intuitive visualization of filter values.

Recommended fields

Users often need to add fields to a grid or page. This can be difficult with so many available fields. Instead of having to search through a long list, this feature enables the system to surface a set of recommended fields based on what other users often add in similar scenarios.

Sticky default actions in grids

This feature ensures that the default action in a grid is linked to a specific column in a grid, regardless of whether that column is moved or hidden.

If you are curious to read more about the latest enhancements that are part of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources first release wave of 2020, then go to LinkedIn.

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