FourVision’s solutions are Co-sell ready!

Co-sell is hot – for every sales channel

‘Co-sell’ is hot, not just for Microsoft, but as part of the indirect channel model for many vendors. Yet it’s poorly understood as a model by most. Let’s take a look at the Microsoft (IP) Cosell Program. End customer leads are identified by Microsoft or by Microsoft partners. But first Co-sell ready” – what does it mean?

The term “co-sell ready” applies to solutions. These are apps and service offerings that are packaged and approved for co-sell with Microsoft, across solution areas. Co-sell ready solutions and service offerings that uniquely meet customer needs may be prioritized for pro-active co-selling, and featured on the solution maps.

Requirements for a solution to be considered co-sell ready include:

  • Partner organization holds active Gold Cloud Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Solution listed in OCP Catalog
  • Completed co-sell bill of materials, uploaded to the solution listing in OCP Catalog
  • Minimum of 3 verifiable customer wins, with at least one in each geography where the partner will be co-sell active (these must be verifiable, but do not have to be referenceable or published)
  • Partner organization designates at least one dedicated partner sales contact for each co-sell active geography. One contact can cover multiple countries/markets
  • Enabled and activated for Refer and Track or Partner Sales Connect lead sharing

FourVision’s solutions are Co-sell ready

After completing a rigorous entry process, meeting strict criteria and proving competency and capability standards, we are thrilled to now be part of the Microsoft Co-Sell program. As an existing Microsoft Gold Partner and Partner of the year for D365 HR, we are pleased to continue building on our relationship with Microsoft by now being Co-Sell ready! says Britt de Roode, VP Marketing and Sales at FourVision.

Our Co-Sell status means greater opportunity for FourVision partners to sell with Microsoft. The Co-Sell program is a way for Microsoft and its partners to better aligned with the shift in IT decision-making, from centralized IT departments to line-of-business leaders. You can view FourVision’s Co-sell solutions in AppSource.

Co-sell is for partners with certain specializations

The Microsoft Cosell program is open to committed partners with certain specializations, not to all partners. Also, the partner must be able to evidence that their solution is integrated with Microsoft Azure or Dynamics 365.

Cosell is not replacing all reseller partner relationships. It’s appropriate for partners at higher tiers in the partner program, who are selling to larger customers. For Microsoft and other leading vendors, Cosell has broken out from being an alliance ‘sell with’ partnering model. It is now positioned as a scalable partner engagement model that applies across the top end of the broad channel. The model is supported by on line ‘deal registration’ process in the partner portal, and there are clear rules governing deal acceptance, and the level of support that is provided to partners to close deals.


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