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In recent years, Zensai’s Learn365 (formerly LMS365) has been FourVision’s preferred partner for employee development and as a learning experience platform. Its quick and seamless integration with Dynamics 365, makes it a no-brainer if you want to get the most out of your employees’ development.

Travis Damgaard Campbell, Senior Business Manager at Zensai, gave us a nice overview of this amazing platform. Let’s get into it.

Introducing Learn365

Learn365, a Microsoft Preferred Solution, is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based Learning Management Solutions in the market today. To put it simply, it is a learning system built on top of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Learn 365 provides a modern, integrated, and familiar learning experience. It is fast to install, highly configurable, easy to use and fully integrated with the rest of your digital workplace, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams.

Why choose Learn365?

There are thousands of learning systems out there. What is different about Learn365 is that it allows users to package learning into courses and training plans, assign them to groups of people and individuals in their organization, track and certify their completion. All of it ready for consumption in the workspace where users already work.

According to Travis:
“A big part of what we’re doing is not reinventing the wheel. We deliver all the features that someone would want within a learning system, in the platform they are already subscribed to – Microsoft 365 – and where they’re already are doing all their work, and where they already have all of their identity and organizational information. This turns us into a clean, and sometimes, invisible tool that’s layered on top of what they’re already using.

This is “learning in the flow of work”.

The main reasons why customers choose Learn365? Firstly, they have a Microsoft oriented IT strategy. Secondly, they are deeply ingrained in the modern workplace. This means they are using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online to deliver value for their organization. Making use of Microsoft 365 tools is Learn365’s single requirement.”

Is it easy to set up?

Learn365 is a very quick installation, so if the connecting systems are in place, it usually doesn’t take more than a week to get it up and running.

Let’s get into technicalities really quick for the IT people out there. The typical connection it has with Dynamics365 HR is through the Azure Active Directory. That is the user database behind all of your employee and user logins. So when you add or modify a user or within D365 HR, the system updates the data back into the Azure Active Directory. This makes it possible for Learn365 to get everything necessary to enroll people in their career development and mandatory courses.

Beyond that, there’s a whole layer of interoperability if you want to push course completions and certificates. Same thing with competencies and skills.

There’s a granular layer of what can be integrated, as you can imagine, but the very basic is pretty much out of the box, and that’s just using the Azure Active Directory as the database for enrollment.


Is Learn365 providing the content for the training courses?

Travis’ answer is clear:
“We are not pushing any content libraries on our customers. We are what we call content agnostic, because the majority of the customers have their own specific needs and they can source those better. From our experience, the content either comes from the customer side or through a 3rd party trusted partner.

Often, a customer comes to us with some kind of a learning management system already. Usually it’s a walled garden, existing out in the ether somewhere that users don’t really want to go, and when they need to go there, they don’t know how to get there.

Some other customers want guidance and we do work together with partners that provide content. Two of the large examples are LinkedIn Learning and Go1, which I basically see as the Spotify of learning content. They’re able to pull all of these different learning content authors and providing a subscription where people can have an all you can eat scenario with the top e-learning content globally.”

Zensai and FourVision partnership

Zensai and FourVision started partnering up more frequently around two years ago. By that time, Microsoft came out with a statement saying that Dynamics 365 would not be creating a learning component.

From that point on it made all the sense in the world. FourVision uses its expertise to deliver Dynamics 365 HR and combine it with the best Learning Management System in Learn365.

To sum it up, Travis says it best:
“From my perspective, the job of Zensai, FourVision and all the partners is to take what Microsoft has created in the HR space and make it into a complete platform, able to compete against the large 100% HR focus tools like Workday.

And we’ve got a great story. We have the experience and the potential to help everyone with a Microsoft oriented IT strategy through the Office package. Help them take the next step into a fully integrated and expanded Microsoft system that allows people to really excel and deliver value. Instead of running around losing valuable time from tool to tool to figure out where things are.”

LMS365 learning experience management made easier FourVision partner

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