The Innovation of Performance Management in Businesses

Lately, businesses are consciously opting for continuous performance management over performance appraisal. Over the years, there has been a steady shift from rating and ranking employees to coaching and developing employees. This paradigm shift means that if employers and managers want to set goals, measure progress, and improve performance in their teams, they would have to create goals in a more agile way, give their employees lots of feedback, and coach people to succeed.

As annual performance appraisals are falling out of flavor and frequent one-to-one performance discussions and feedback are becoming the way of managing performance, companies have tried to move to a continuous performance management approach, without using dedicated software, and have failed to get traction.

Performance Management Web App

Having software like the FourVision Performance Management Web App actively encourages these ways of managing performance. It also reminds people of what they need to do and when and provides visibility to HR of who is and isn’t doing it is essential for success.

This Web App manages employee performances and creates reviews that set and maintains objectives and continuous performance development. Employees are able to see their reviews and constantly update it as they learn new skills in their field.

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